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VESPERA Kimpan Cut (CLS) Filter

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The Vespera Hikari Pollution Cut (CLS) filter can improve image quality when observing urban and near the city. It has the effect of damaging light and has the effect of enhancing the contrast between the celestial body and the background sky.

This broadband filter mainly blocks the unwanted wavelength range emitted from nighttime lighting and natural light in the city, while transmitting major wavelengths from astronomical objects.

  • It is recommended to use it for observations in an environment with many light pollution (places where there are many streetlights, houses, and buildings in urban areas and cities).
  • Improve the quality of the nebula.

The VESPERA optical cut filter is also called the CLS (CITY LIGHT SUPPRESSION) filter, and can improve image quality when observing cities and cities. Doses the effects of light pollution and enhances the contrast between the astronomical and background sky.

It is a broad band filter that cuts the wavelengths of NA (sodium) and HG (mercury), which are mainly radiated from nighttime lighting and unwanted natural light (such as oxygen radiation in the atmosphere), and transmits major wavelengths emitted from astronomical objects. 。

The optical cut filter is particularly effective in improving the brightness of deep skaotections (nebula, stars, galaxies, etc.). It is especially effective for the glow line nebula.

Example of light emitting nebula:

Bubble nebula (NGC 7635), crescent nebula (Crescent nebula, NGC 6888), washi star cloud (M16), elephant nasal star clouds (IC 1396), flame star clouds (NGC 2024), tidal flat star clouds ((M8), North America stars (North America) NGC 7000), Omega Nebula (M17), Orion Large Nebula (M42), Pakman Nebula (NGC281), Rose Nebula (NGC2237), Tarantula Nebula (NGC2070), Tall Hustan Star Clan (NGC2359), Sanki Nebula (M20), Tulip nebula (SH2-101).

This filter is designed exclusively for Vespera and can be easily attached to the lens barrel arm. The filter frame is equipped with a contact point for Vespera to detect the filter.

The filter will be delivered in a transparent storage box.

weight 15g
colour Black (appearance)
size Width: 78mm, thickness: 6mm
material Glass, plastic
Package weight 60g

how to use

Remove the standard lens ring of Vespera and insert the light -harm cut filter until it makes a click. To confirm that the optical filter is properly arranged, connect the vespera to the mobile device, launch the Singularity app, and on the "Space Center"> "This machine" screen, the word "CLS". Is displayed.

  • This filter is restricted when observing a very bright celestial body moon, stars, and planets.
  • It is assumed to be used in urban or urban suburbs, or in a place with external light. There is no need to use it in an ideal environment for astronomical observations.
  • Depending on the filter, the light that the sensor receives light is reduced, which may have some effect on the stacking time.
  • The optical cut filter has no effect on LED lighting.

Precautions for use

  • Do not apply the filter to direct sunlight.
  • After use, store the filter in a case after use to prevent dust from adhering.
  • If you notice dirt or dust on the filter, gently clean the filter with optical cross, microfiber cloth, feather duster, or air blower.
  • Do not disassemble the filter from the filter frame (see the "Guarantee" tab).

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