Singularity app. A guide to reach the star.

Most of the VEPERA operations are performed from the "Singularity" app installed on smartphones and tablets. Singularity is your control room, so you decide everything. Intuitive and easy to use, you can easily access any celestial body in the catalog.

We propose the celebration to be observed individually according to where you are and astronomical calendar, and provide information about the secrets of the universe.

SINGULARITY guides your journey to the stars step by step.

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* The app is provided for free.

Space center

Control all your journey.

The space center is the place where you start searching. Here you can manage your Vespera and find unique information according to your location.

From this screen, you can directly access Vaonis content and select two new viewing modes. In addition, more functions will be added in the future.

Automatically initialization

It makes a big leap in just a few seconds.

When you start, Vespera starts the initialization process. Hoshino analysis and auto focus allows you to start space exploration within 5 minutes.

Celestial catalog

Please choose your destination.

Choose a destination from thousands of celestial bodies listed in the regularly updated catalog.

"Pillars of Creation", "Tulip Nebula", "Andromeda Galaxy" -What do you want to explore next?

Image live stacking

Experience the birth of a star.

Vespera distributes the first image of your destination in a few seconds. Then, dozens, hundreds, or thousands of other images are stacked in real time, and gradually clarify the details and colors of the selected celestial body.

It is up to you how much details you want to finally achieve over a few minutes or hours. Patience is a virtue, and the beauty of the universe wins by achievement and patience.


Share your discovery with everyone.

When the trip is over, let's share it right away! hashtag"#myVesperaUse it to publish your discovery to social media and participate in the explorers' community.

Singularity App Other features

More than 300 astronomical catalogs

Search by coordinates

Smartly reminds the celestial body to be seen

Image live stacking

Manual image processing

Composition and framing selection

Automatic tracking & introduction

Education content

Multi -user mode