About product photos

・ Product photos and example photos posted on this site may differ from the actual product, the color and appearance of the actual product, example photos, etc. depending on your monitor setting, room lighting, etc.

About the contents of the product

・ Please note that product design, specifications, appearance, and price are subject to change without notice.

・ The products sold on this site are regular imports that have been certified to the technical standards specified by the Japan Radio Law and have acquired a technical number.

About the handling of products

・ When the ordered product arrives, please check if the bundled items are available. If you have any shortage or damage, please contact this site.

・ It is recommended that you keep the packing material of this product so that it can be used for storage or product transportation when not in use.

・ Before use, please read the instruction manual included with the product carefully and comply with warnings and precautions.

・ This product does not assume the use of children under the age of 14.

・ To operate this product and see the celestial body, a smartphone or tablet that operates on the iOS or Android OS and has an effective Wi-Fi function is required. You also need to install the specified application 'singularity' on your smartphone or tablet.

・ Since this product is a precise electronic device and optical device, please be careful when handling.

・ Do not try to open, disassemble, resolution, or repair in any situation in any situation. The warranty may be invalidated and may cause equipment failure.

・ When moving this unit, minimize the impact and vibration and transport carefully.