"Make the starry sky observation familiar"

This is the motto of Vaonis.

Vaonis is a gathering of passionate people, such as astronomical lovers, photographic enthusiasts, and technology enthusiasts. They gathered to visualize what was invisible, that is, the hidden wonder of the universe. We want to share the surprise with all people with this world, create astronomical equipment that can be easily used by everyone, regain the connection with us, and think about our existence in front of the vastness of the universe. We provide opportunities.

Vaonis is a company that designs and manufactures astronomical telescopes and accessories based in Monperier, France. It was established in 2016 by Cyril Dupuy, a young startup, who acquired the Bachelor of the Cosmic and Aerospace. Based on the experience gained during the use of various telescopes, such as complicated installation, thick instruction manual, repeated failure, we designed and designed the world's first all -in -one telescope "Stellina" connected to a mobile app. It is a product designed and developed by optical, mechanisms, electrons, materials, and ergonomics with special consideration of design, quality and safety. The new product following "Stellina" is "Vespera". It became even smaller and achieved an affordable price.

This online shop site is operated by VAONIS's Japan Society of Japan, Asia and Oceania Area, Inc.