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Learn the universe anywhere

Vespera (Vespera), the world's lightest full -automatic smart astronomical observation station.
Vespera is a new astronomical observation system that combines telescope and camera. It can also be used as a digital heavenly telescope or as a camera for astronomical photography.

Just select the celestial body you want to observe on the app, then Vespera automatically focuses, automatically introduces the celestial body, and displays it on your smartphone or tablet. No expertise or difficult operations are required. It is a great revolution in the astronomical world. By using a mobile app instead of an eyepiece and redesigning astronomical observations from scratch, everyone can easily access the universe.

The weight is 5kg or less. No matter where you are in the world, you can explore and observe the night sky in one place, take astronomical photos, learn about the universe, and share what you have discovered.

Let's start traveling. And let's experience the universe.

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Automatically initialization
Vespera automatically adjusts and initializes itself using your smartphone GPS, star pattern recognition, and astronomical measurement. When you set up the device, you will be prepared automatically within 5 minutes.

Automatic introduction & tracking
Vespera automatically tracks stars while correcting the rotation of the earth with automatic introduction technology.

auto focus
Equipped with an autofocus function. You no longer need to focus manually.

Full HD SONY IMX462 Sensor (1920x1080)
Vespera uses the latest Sony Sensor developed for ultra -low illumination. This back irradiation CMOS sensor is 1/2.8 format, and the size is 2.9um. In addition, the substrate developed in -house properly manages the heat generated and suppresses the occurrence of archifacts.

4 balls apocromart refraction type lens
VAONIS engineers have designed their own 50mm apocromart lenses, composed of two lenses using lantern glass lases. Vespera's optical system is one of the most accurate and powerful optical designs in the market without distortion, chromatic aberration, and non -pointed aberration.


Quadra Plet (4 balls)
Ultra -low distribution
S-FPL52 equivalent (ULD)
Lantern glass

Diameter 50mm
Focal length 200mm
Ratio of the aperture F/4
Real view

1.6 ° x 0.9 °
3.2 ° x 1.8 ° (when using COVALENS)

magnification Equivalent to 30x
Stand Front -handed platform
Image sensor SONY IMX462

1920 X 1080 (2MP)
Up to 8MP (when using cocalens)

Sensor size 1/2.8 type
file format JPEG, Tiff, Fits, 16-bit Raw
Image output Wi-Fi only
Focal adjustment auto focus
Astronomical introduction Automatic
Image processing

Automatic or manual
Applied for each celestial body
Real -time image stacking

Field parotation Software method
Battery type Built -in
Battery operation time About 8 hours (can be extended by using a mobile battery)
Protection grade IP43
Multi -user mode Up to 5 people
Wi-Fi connection
HDR image processing
Number of photos that can be saved in the cloud Up to 100 images
Mosaic mode 5x views
mass 5kg
height 40cm
width 20cm
Depth 9cm
Bundle Sub -legged, USB cable, adapter

Smartphone / tablet

Use Singularity by Vaonis app (iOS, Android)


Deepskai Object (Galaxy, Nebula, Stardwharf), Comet, Moon, Sun

Create an observation schedule
Warranty period 2 years from the date of purchase
release date Scheduled for April 2023

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It is up to you to what night sky experience you have.

Vespera, which weighs less than 5kg, will accompany your night adventure.
You can bring Vespera into the wilderness, or enjoy the starry sky while relaxing at a cozy home.
Design your own experience freely.

Take Your Own Pictures of the Universe.

Take your own astronomical photo.

Have you ever dreamed of taking a picture of the universe?
Everyone can easily see and shoot deep space. Vespera is equipped with technology to achieve it.
You can record various celestial bodies, such as galaxies and nebula, with the beauty of breathing.

It Has Never Been Easier To Connect with the Stars.

It can be connected to the stars as easily as before.

Very easy to use. Just set the adjustable tripod and press the button. Life is blown into Vespera, and automatic introduction begins with Hoshino recognition technology.

Automatic calibration
VESPERA calibrates itself (comparing) using GPS, star pattern recognition, and astronomical measurement technology mounted on your smartphone. When you set up Vespera, you will be prepared automatically within 5 minutes.

Automatic introduction & automatic tracking
Vespera is equipped with GO-TO technology and automatically tracks the stars while correcting the rotation of the earth.

auto focus
The only object in the world has an autofocus function of astronomical objects. There is no need to adjust it manually.

Together is Better.

I like it.

Connect up to five mobile devices and share a wonderful time together in the night sky.

Small, Yet Powerful.

Small, powerful.

VESPERA, equipped with the best technology, is a small gem.

Full HD SONY IMX462 Sensor (1920x1080)
Vespera uses the latest Sony Sensor developed for ultra -low illumination. The back irradiation CMOS sensor is 1/2.8 format, 2.9um pixel size. In addition, heat management has been optimized by the in -house development board, making it difficult to generate archifacts (noise) in the photos.

Quadraplet Apochromart refraction type lens
The VAONIS engineer team was formed with four lenses using lantern glass and designed a unique 50mm quadrap lens. VESPERA's optical system is one of the most accurate and powerful optical designs in the market without distortion, chromatic aberration, or non -pointed aberration.

Singularity. A guide to reach the star.

Singularity is your control room and where you decide everything. Intuitive and easy to use, you can easily access any celestial body in the catalog.

We recommend the object to be observed, and provide information about the secrets of the universe according to your location and astronomical calendar.

SINGULARITY guides your journey to the stars step by step.

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Click here for the function of the Singularity app →

Think about what you have never seen.

Let's see the universe you have never seen before.

Vespera's image live stacking technology visualizes invisible things.

Tidal flat star cloud M8 taken with Vespera

The first image taken 10 seconds later and the image taken one hour later.

Heart Nebula IC1805*

900x10s (2.5H)


150 frame manual stack

Horse Nebula IC434*

900x10s (2.5H)

Orion Olin Nebula M42*

900x10s (2.5H)

Pleiades M45*

270x10s (45min)

Andromeda Galaxy M31

Andromeda Galaxy M31

All of these photos were taken in Vespera.

The image with*(asterisk) after the celestial name is postponed using a RAW file.

The image without*(asterisk) after the celestial name is data that is generated by Vespera's automatic image processing and is not postponed.