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Vespera humidity sensor

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Condensation is one of many enemies of amateur astronomers. In cold regions and humid environments, water drops and cloudiness may occur in telescope and camera lenses, which can affect observation and image quality.

VESPERA's anti -cloudy system operates when the temperature and humidity threshold is reached, and it creates better observation conditions and sharp images by removing cloudiness by heat.

  • Enable the cloudy system.
  • Improve both observation image quality and photo quality.
  • Ideal for those who live in humid and cold places.

Condensation and cloudy are enemies of many astronomical lovers. In cold regions and humid environments, dew condensation occurs in telescopes and camera lenses, which can affect observation and image quality.

The Vespera humidity sensor is an intelligent accessories that measure the temperature and humidity threshold that is cloudy in the observation station lens.

Ideal for highly humid areas (sea, sea, river, lake, pond, etc.) and those who live in low -temperature areas. It is also the best sensor in winter when the temperature is nearly 0 degrees.

Anti -cloudy system

By attaching this sensor to Vespera, the integral demistor built into the vespera is activated by reaching a specific temperature and humidity threshold. Continuously generating heat around the lens removes cloudiness, achieving a better observation environment and a clear image.

Focus improvement

Condensor, which generates cloudiness, affects the focus of Vespera's photo sensor.

  • The image processing algorithm checks the image quality and destroys it if it is not enough image quality. Dew condensation and cloudiness may cause more photos to be rejected, so initialization and shooting time may be longer.
  • In the astronomical photograph, the sharpness of the stars and the halo loses the clearness of the photo.

The humidity sensor and the relevant anti -cloudy system also improve the quality of both observation and photos.

A modest design

The size of the hygrometer is less than 13 mm, and it is equipped with the smallest board designed by Vaonis engineers. This sensor fits the Vespera lens barrel arm so that it is inconspicuous, and also supports the use of filters. Don't worry, the cloudy heater is automatically turned on/off if necessary.

weight 100g

Precautions for use

The following items are stored in the storage case;

  • The humidity sensor and the screw installation are completed.
  • Comes with a mini driver.

Remove the standard Vespera lens ring and carefully insert a hygrometer into the notch at the top of the lens. Use the included mini driver to screw the humidity sensor firmly. Fix so that the humidity sensor does not move in the housing.

To confirm that the sensor is properly placed, connect Vespera to a mobile device and launch the Singularity app. If the surrounding temperature and humidity are displayed on the "Space Center"> this machine screen, it is normally installed.

Precautions for use

  • Before attaching or removing a hygrometer, make sure that the power supply of Vespera is turned off.
  • There is no need to remove the sensor every time you use it. It is recommended that you leave it with Vespera to avoid loss or damage.
  • When the anti -cloudy system is activated, the battery consumption increases. It is recommended that you charge before using Vespera.

Condensation occurs during a large temperature change, for example, when the air in the Vespera remains warm, for example, from a warm environment to a cold environment in winter. Therefore, it is recommended that you take Vespera out for at least 30 minutes before starting the observation and adapt to the surrounding temperature.

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