Vaonis (ヴァオニス)

Vespera backpack

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A dedicated backpack that allows you to carry Vespera anywhere, allows you to safely store and protect the Vespera observation station.


  • Super compact and lightweight backpacks are only 1 kg of weight.
  • You can easily carry Vespera when you enjoy the night under a starry sky.
  • It is a size that can be easily carried by cars and public transportation.
  • We use soft materials that are resistant to rain, dust and wear.
  • The foam pads on the entire surface are protected by vesta exterior shells from shocks and wounds.
  • There are many storage space for the Vespera observation station and its accessories.


With a dedicated backpack that can carry Vespera anywhere, you can safely carry the Vespera viewing station.

You can carry Vespera everywhere.
This bag, which weighs only 1 kg, can easily carry Vespera when traveling or enjoying the night under the starry sky. It is a size that can be easily carried to cars and public transportation. It is also possible to transform into a hiking or leisure bag just by removing the removable internal compartment.

Protect your Vespera station.
The backpack is made of soft materials that are resistant to rain, dust and wear. Vespera's exterior shell is protected from shocks and wounds by foam pads that cover the entire surface of the bag and the interior with a complete pad. Compartment and many pockets prevent accessories from touching the observation station.

Storage space that can store all accessories
Vaonis's Vespera backpack has a lot of storage space for viewing stations and their accessories (tripods, chargers, filters, tablets, mobile phones, backup batteries, etc.).

Outside storage
-Side pocket that can store tablets and laptops on the front of the bag x 1

Internal storage
-Pocket x 2, one of them is a zipper pocket in the backpack flap
-Prupement for vespera x 1
-The removable accessory storage portion with 3 space x 1

Unparalleled comfort to carry a telescope
The back panel is reinforced to enhance the comfort of carrying a bag. The shoulder strap contains pads, mesh fabric is used for the lining, when carrying a bag for a long time or when the temperature is high ・ Top handles with high grip.

  • Top handle with high front opening grip power
  • Frontal opening
  • Exterior and interior with pads (foaming materials)
  • Adjustable strap (with chest strap)
  • Place the Vespera and Vaonis logo on the front panel
weight 1050g
height 45cm
width 30cm
depth 17cm
Color Black (exterior)
Blue stitch (handle, strap, back)
Gray (interior)
material 100% polyester%
  • Remove the tripod screw, completely disassemble, and store it in the bag.
  • Put the backpack completely flat to remove/store the device safely to avoid the risk of falling, damaged, and scratches.
  • You can attach a stolen to the main jipper on the two interlocked zipper.