Vaonis (ヴァオニス)

Vespera Against Water Academy (Spare Parts)

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This product is a spare parts.

Vespera foam level is included in Vespera as standard.

  • It is a bubble level device that can be easily attached with a magnet type.
  • Before starting the observation, it is indispensable for installing VESPERA correctly.
  • Guarantees the horizontal of Vespera and achieve high quality observations.
  • Fits only to the Vespera observation station.

This product is a spare parts. Vespera foam level is included in Vespera as standard.

Volunate the observation station

Like a classic telescope, it is required to be horizontal on a tripod when installing Vespera. Manually adjust the length of each leg of the tripod so that the bubbles of the base are accurately located in the center of the black circle.


When checking the position of the bubbles, look at the level from directly above. If you judge from another angle, you may not actually be horizontal because of the parallax.

To prevent loss, be sure to store the accessories at the end of each use in the original box or the vespera backpack compartment.

You can set the telescope horizontally with the Vespera foam level. This adjustment is necessary for the introduction and tracking more efficiently.

weight 100g

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