Vaonis (ヴァオニス)

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Aim for a new height with Vespera tripod.

This stretch -type tripod is the best accessories for installing Vespera observation stations on rough terrain or non -terrain. It can be installed in avoiding low obstacles and bushes.

  • Ideal for use in rough terrain/uneven terrain
  • Easy to assemble and adjust
  • More better stability
  • Maximum height: 30cm


To the new height
Exploring VESPERA free tripod is an ideal accessory when installing a view station on an undulations, because each leg can be adjusted independently. It has a height of up to 30cm, and can be installed in avoiding low obstacles and bushes.

Lightweight and compact tripod
The legs of the tripod are screwed at the base, and can be easily stored in the backpack of Vespera. The sophisticated design mount is only 620g.

Supports comfortable shooting
You can improve comfort by using Easy Lock Plate*. This accessory makes it easier to attach and remove the view station on the tripod. Quick mount technology allows you to save time and move freely, so you can focus on essential tasks such as astronomical observations and photography.

*Sold separately

weight 620g
size Height when the legs are stored: 18.5cm
Maximum height when legs are stretched: 30cm
Maximum width when legs are stretched: 30cm
Color black
screw 3/8"
guarantee 2 years from the date of purchase

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  • When you open and disassemble this product.