Vaonis (ヴァオニス)

Vespera charging cable (spare parts)

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This product is a spare parts.

The Vespera charging cable is included in Vespera as standard.

  • 1.5m long magnet USB-C> 4pin cable.
  • Vespera can be charged with a USB power adapter or power bank.
  • A quick and convenient magnet connector that enables the use of Vespera in a low -light environment.

This product is a spare parts. The Vespera charging cable is included in Vespera as standard.


The design of the charging cable is thought to reflect the design of the Vespera in order to stick to the details.

Convenient and quick to use

The user experience is also thoughtful. Since the tip of the vespera is a magnet, it is easier to connect to a power supply (AC adapter or power bank) especially in dark places.

The female connector is also used to attach a bubble level device to put the station horizontally.


Magnet cables do not transfer image data to PCs or smartphones. Use only for charging.

The cable is not compatible with the Stellina observation station.

weight 100g

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