On May 12, let's participate in the "Virgin Galaxy Study World's Longest Exposure Time Image Shooting Challenge"!

On May 12, 2023, let's turn Vespera to the Galaxy!With the latest technology, taking beautiful photos of the universe is as close as ever. Vaonis was shot by a rapidly growing Vaonis communityA new world record in the longest accumulated exposure time image of 24 hoursWe are inviting you to make.

May 12,For those who have Vespera, NGC 4438, part of the "Chain of Marcarian", and those who have Stellina to the M60, part of the Virgin Galaxy.Point the equipment,Create the longest exposure photo taken with the same equipmentIt was. Why do not you take this opportunity to participate in a pioneer community that shares your passion for astrophotography?
This blog describes how to participate in Vaonis's exciting new challenges for Vaonis.

[What is the Virgin Galaxy Corps? ]
The Virgo Galaxy is a celebration of a surprising and awe in the universe. VirgoThis galaxy group is a giant galaxy aggregate, including thousands of galaxies.From a giant elliptical galaxy to a small irregular galaxy, the Virgin Galaxy is a simple story about the scale and complexity of the universe.At the center is the M87 galaxy, a huge galaxy with trillion times the sun. The Virgin Galaxy has attracted the heart of astronomers and stargers with its complex structure and breathtaking beauty. For skilled astrophotics, for space enthusiastsVirgo Galaxy CorpsIs a must -see superb view.

[Challenge overview]
Let's turn the lens to the Virgo cluster on May 12!

VAONIS's new challenge was taken by amateur astronomers from all over the world and a rapid growing community of Vaonis.24 hours of the longest exposure time imageThe purpose is to achieve a new record of the world.
May 12,Vespera users are NGC4438 (part of the Marcalius chain)Stellina users are M60 (part of the Virgin Theater Team)Pointed observation equipment,We will cooperate to create the longest exposure photo taken with the same equipment.

【way to participate】
Participating in the Vaonis challenge is easy and simple.All you need is to take the simple steps:

  1. VesperaorStellinaI own.
  2. May 12,Enter the date on the calendarPlease set the alarm.
  3. Let's find out if you can see the Virgo Galaxy from the place where you live: If you live between Oslo and Cape Horn, you should be able to observe it.
  4. Equipment and apps are updated to the latest stateCheck that.
  5. In line with the tutorial provided by VaonisEnable TIFF export in the Singularity app settings.

[Vespera owner]

  • Select NGC4438
  • Enable COVALENS mode: Change the size of the mosaic and place the mosaic square at the center of the NGC4438.
  • Observe more than 1 hour(Stack time)

[Stellina owner]

  • Select M60.
  • Observe more than 1 hour(Stack time)
  • Do not use COVALENS functions and Reframe functions

After shooting the image,Save in TIFF formatAfter clearing the full name, email address, and shooting locationPlease send to Photo@vaonis.com by May 14.

[Participate in the community]
Participating in a dedicated event in the MySingularity Facebook Group will get acquainted with other participants or get advice. You can also browse the "Vespera and Stellina FAQ" section to solve questions. By participating in the community, you can learn more about astronomical photos and connect with other astronomical lovers.

VAONIS's new challenge promises a unique and exciting experience for amateur astronomers around the world. Participating in this challenge will give you the opportunity to take beautiful photos of the Virgin Galaxy, which may contribute to the world new record. It is a great opportunity for Vaonis to provide simple procedures and abundant resources, with all levels of amateur astronomers gathering to shoot the beauty of the universe.

Please participate in this challenge without missing this opportunity!