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Saitoron Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku -ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Akira Watanabe) has 3 accessories for the smart astronomical observation station made by France Vaonis (Vespera) 2023. It will be released on April 25, year.

■ Release summary
Product code: VA0005/Product name: VESPERA Kimpan Cut (CLS) Filter
Direct sales price: ¥ 30,800 (tax included)

Product code: VA0006/Product name: Vespera solar filter
Direct sales price: ¥ 15,800 (tax included)

Product code: VA0007/Product name: Vespera Humidity sensor
Direct sales price: ¥ 15,800 (tax included)

Product code: VA0008/Product name: vespera
Direct sales price: ¥ 3,200 (tax included)

Product code: VA0009/Product name: vespera charging cable
Direct sales price: ¥ 5,200 (tax included)

Release date: Tuesday, April 25, 2023

* This product is handled only by Saitoron Japan directly managed stores.

■ Product feature
VESPERA Kimpan Cut (CLS) Filter
You can improve image quality when observing in cities and suburbs. It attenuates the effects of light pollution and enhances the contrast between the astronomical objects and the sky.
The main wavelengths of NA (sodium) and HG (mercury), which are mainly radiated from night lighting and unwanted natural light (such as oxygen radiation in the atmosphere), are cut, and the main wavelengths (H-β) from the astronomical objects (H-β, It is a wide band filter that transmits OIII, H-α, SIII, etc.). It is especially effective for improving the brightness of deep ska cable, such as nebula, star cluster, and galaxies.
Because it is designed exclusively for Vespera lenses, it can be easily attached to the lens barrel arm and fits unobtrusively. The filter frame is equipped with an electronic contact, so that Vespera can detect the installation of the filter.
The filter will be delivered in a transparent storage box.

Mass: 15g
Dimensions: 78mm wide, 6mm thick
Material: glass, plastic

Vespera solar filter
In Vespera's solar mode, you can observe the sun almost real -time with live display*by installing this filter using metal foil that has a light reduced effect. By continuously observing and comparing the black dots that show the strength of the sun, you can understand the sun's activity.
The filter frame has an electronic contact, so that the sun cannot be photographed if the solar filter is not properly mounted on the vesta.
* Live display = exposure time 250 microsecond images are continuously displayed.

Mass: 10g
Dimensions: 78mm wide, 6mm thick
Material: Metal foil, plastic

Vespera humidity sensor
In cold regions and humid environments, condensation may cause cloudiness, which can affect observation and photograph quality.
By attaching a humidity sensor, when the temperature and humidity threshold is reached, the Vespera -anti -fog system is activated, and the heat is removed by heat. Removing cloudiness not only improves image quality, but also contributes to the time required for initialization and shooting.

Mass: 100g

Vespera Against Water Academy (Spare Parts)
You can purchase spare parts of the bubbles of the bubble water category included in the Vespera package separately.

Vespera charging cable (spare parts)
You can purchase the spare parts of the charging cable included in the Vespera package separately.

* Accessories for Vespera and Vespera are handled only by Site Lon Japan directly managed stores.

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