Tutorial of the "planning night plan" function

Tutorial of the "planning night plan" function

If you use the "Night Plan" function of the Singularity by Vaonis app, you can make an overnight observation schedule.

* The app is compatible with Japanese, but the photo inserted below is in English version.
* The specifications of the application are subject to change depending on the update.


1. Click "Plan +" to create a new plan.

2. Select an observation site.

3. Select the night date to observe.

4. Name the plan.

5. The interface of "Plan a night plan" is displayed.

・ The selected celestial body is displayed at the top of the screen.

・ The blue bar indicates the time zone where each celestial body can be observed at the highest set up from sunset to the next sunrise.

・ Click the search button at the bottom to enter the celestial name and search.

・ Click the narrowing button to set the display order order and display contents of the celestial body.

If you click the sort button, the user can arrange the grade in the order of the grade (the most popular celestial body) selected by Vaonis, or in the order of continuation of the nighttime astronomical objects.

6. Click the blue bar under each celestial body and set the observation time of the celestial body. Set the observation time zone by moving the observation start time or the end time of the observation. Click "Add" to add the celestial body to the plan.

7. Continue adding astronomical objects and completing the "Plan for Night".

8. When finished, click the "Save" button.

9. The confirmation that the plan has been saved is displayed. Connect the mobile device that uses the app to Vespera to transfer the data to Vespera.
Initialization is automatically performed a few minutes before the plan starts, so it does not need to be initialized again. Make sure that this unit is in standby mode: This unit must be connected to the Singularity app.

10. Click the "pen" or "trash can" icon at the top right to edit or delete it anytime before the plan starts.

11. If you want to change after the plan is started, you need to stop the current plan, request a change, and save the plan again.

12. To check the plan of the plan, return to the "Plan of Night Plan" tab and select the created plan. The outline of the plan and the photos taken are displayed. Click on each celestial body to check the photos: