How to select the image format (JPEG, Fits, Tiff, Live, Debug)

To select the image format you want to save in the Singularity by Vaonis app, you can select from the Vespera (Stellina) configuration page.
VAONIS's smart astro -observation station, including Vespera, features a rich image format. You can easily enjoy astrophotypes with JPEG images by Vespera, you can process the RAW image yourself, or enjoy the image in your favorite way.

* The app is compatible with Japanese, but the photo inserted below is in English version.
* The specifications of the application are subject to change depending on the update.

1. Click the storage settings.

2. Click Storage Settings.

RAW image (FITS)
Save Raw Fits during stacking observations.

Stacking image (JPEG)
Save the image -processed jpeg file during stacking observation.

TIFF image
Save 16 -bit TIFF files from stacking observation. When the option is enabled, the TIFF file is output from the observation page as needed, and is automatically output each time the observation is terminated.

Live image (JPEG)
Save Raw JPEG images output by the camera when direct observations (in the case of astronomical objects that are not stacked, such as stars and planets).

Debug file
Save the debug file used for customer support.