You can see Vespera at the Site Lon Japan Osaka Showroom.

Since April 2023, Vespera has been on permanent exhibition in the Site Lon Japan Osaka Showroom. We also accept reservations and purchases of products.

If you live in Kansai and are interested in this product, please come (complete reservation system).

■ Saitoron Japan Osaka Showroom Overview
1-2-13 Uemachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 540-0005
・ Business hours: 13:00 to 17:00
・ Regular holiday: Sundays, holidays/ year -end and New Year holidays/ summer holidays
JR Osaka Loop Line Tamazo Station: Approximately 13 minutes on foot
Osaka metro
Nagahori Tsurumi Ryokuchi Line Tamazo Station: Approximately 8 minutes on foot
Tanimachi Line / Chuo Line Tanimachi 4 -chome Station: about 14 minutes on foot
* From April 18, 2023 (Tuesday), it can be used without reservations.
* We continue to make a reservation for visitors. Please make a reservation by the following reservation site or by phone during business hours.
Reservation site: https: //
(You can check the reservation site for details such as reservation status).

TEL: 06-6765-7100